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Do you love your horses? Do you want to treasure them forever and keep them close? Well now you can. I can make you jewelry from your horse's tail hair and you will have a neat keepsake and accessories for your outfits. If you would like me to use hair from your horse email me at hawkshadowfarm@gmail.com or text me at 417-349-0241 for more information.

Prices start at $15 plus shipping and go up depending on style of jewelry and how much detailing is done.  

If you see something you like, let me know. I have about 20 pieces made right now and they aren't all pictured.  


Here is an example of simple braided bracelets with horseshoe charms and beads. Bracelets like these would be $17 each plus shipping.

You can pick the color of the beads, style of jewelry and pick a charm if you like.

FOR SALE: Bracelet #8 Black and White Braid

This bracelet was made from my horse, Arrow's tail. His tail is white with a little black in it. I had to pull and separate the the hairs to make this neat looking bracelet.

FOR SALE: Knotted with inlaid Beads
These are hard to make and take a LONG lock of tail hair. They are beautiful when done. They take a bit of time because the hair doesn't always cooperate with me and I have to keep fixing it to get it just right. Bracelets like these are $50 plus shipping.
FOR SALE: Knotted bracelet with beads sewn on top.

This is another neat looking bracelet and one of those hard to get just right ones. I love these. They are so neat looking and it's hard to believe what you can do with a lttle horsehair. This one is $50 plus shipping too.

Made for a customer in Texas.

The person getting this bracelet contacted my by phone, told me what they wanted and here it is. I made it, sent a picture and payment is on the way. This bracelet was $19 plus shipping.

FOR SALE: Braided bracelet with extra beading.
Necklace done for a customer in Missouri.

This is a necklace that I did with beads and a charm. 

Child's necklace made from mane hair.

Mane hair is alot thinner than tail hair and is somewhat harder to work with. I prefer working with tail hair too because it is longer.

Spiral Knotted Key Chain

These are also hard to make. Key Chains get made from hair that just wasn't long enough to make bracelets from. These spiral key chains are $25 plus shipping and can be beaded too.